Artículos Originales
Actual. Osteol 12 (1), 2016

Morphological features of healing of experimental defect of long bones diaphysis under the conditions of implantation of biphasic osteoplastic material



Purpose: to study the healing process of a defect of the compact bone tissue after the implantation of osteoplastic material «easy-graft CRYSTAL». Methods: the experiment was conducted on 24 Wistar rats. In the middle third of the diaphysis of the femur we created a perforated defect of 2.5 mm diameter in the medullary canal, which was filled with osteoplastic material «easy-graft CRYSTAL». Fragments of the injured bones were studied on the 60th and 120th days by light microscopy with morphometry and scanning electron microscopy. Results: it was found that in the area of the defect of the compact bone tissue «easy-graft CRYSTAL» shows high biocompatibility, osteoconductive properties and provides stability to the volume of the defect due to good integration with the bone tissue of regenerate and absence of signs of resorption of osteoplastic material throughout the period of experiment.
Key words: rats, bone, hydroxyapatite, β-tricalcium phosphate, reparative osteogenesis.